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Friday November 10th, 2023

Registration starts at 7:00am, Tee off begins at 8:00am

Coyote Lakes Golf Club
18800 N. Coyote Lakes PKWY
Surpise, AZ 85281

Click below to reserve your spot to play in the Golf Tournament or sponsor a Tee Sign.


Below is a list of Athletes/Celebrities who have played in previous AIM Golf tournaments.

Frank Kush – Head Coach A.S.U.

Jared Allen – Vikings

Kermit Alexamder – 49rs & Rams

Joe Jackson –  Jets & Vikings

Earl Edwards –  49ers

Steve Holden –  Browns

Steve Winum – U of Minnesota

Michael Bankston –  Cardinals

Syd Justin –  Rams

Kerry Justin – Seahawks

Ray Perkins – Cowboys

Derek Kennard – Cardinals

Dwayne Zinger – NHL Redwings





Eddie Bell – Jets

Gary Lefebvre – CFL

Bruce Lemmerman – CFL

Jerome Daniels – Cardinals

Mike Davis – Dodgers

Hakim Hill – Locomotives

JD Hill – Bills

John Williamson –  U of Arkansas

Dee Grayer – Arena Football

Byron Evans – Eagles

John Williams – Kick Boxer

Tyronne Stowe – Cardinals

Dave Johnson – Olympics

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