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Friday October 29th 2021

Registration starts at 6:30am, Tee off begins at 8am

Coyote Lakes Golf Club
18800 N. Coyote Lakes PKWY
Surpise, AZ 85281

Contact Larry to reserve your spot to play in the Golf Tournament.


Below is a list of Athletes/Celebrities who have played in previous AIM Golf tournaments.

Frank Kush – Head Coach A.S.U.

Jared Allen – Vikings

Kermit Alexamder – 49rs & Rams

Joe Jackson –  Jets & Vikings

Earl Edwards –  49ers

Steve Holden –  Browns

Steve Winum – U of Minnesota

Michael Bankston –  Cardinals

Syd Justin –  Rams

Kerry Justin – Seahawks

Ray Perkins – Cowboys

Derek Kennard – Cardinals

Dwayne Zinger – NHL Redwings





Eddie Bell – Jets

Gary Lefebvre – CFL

Bruce Lemmerman – CFL

Jerome Daniels – Cardinals

Mike Davis – Dodgers

Hakim Hill – Locomotives

JD Hill – Bills

John Williamson –  U of Arkansas

Dee Grayer – Arena Football

Byron Evans – Eagles

John Williams – Kick Boxer

Tyronne Stowe – Cardinals

Dave Johnson – Olympics

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